Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Welcome to Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal. We are pleased to present this Privacy Policy concerning the information received, used, and exchanged within the framework of the works and services provided to our valued customers.

In the event that you (the customer) used the website and/or the mobile application (collectively referred to as the " Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal "), this means your final and unconditional approval of this Privacy Policy.

Please note that this Privacy Policy is being updated from time to time, and that you are obligated to comply with the latest published policy on our website. Therefore, you must constantly review this policy for the latest releases. Moreover, keeping your information up to date is always important, as you can access your account information that includes your contact information, and if you notice any differences in your personal information, please let us know so we can make the necessary updates or adjustments.

First: The information collected from you.

Personal data: This data includes the name, gender, nationality, date of birth, address, mobile number, e-mail, payment data, invoices, credit card data, bank account data, marketing preferences and your products, in addition to the data you provide to obtain membership of our loyalty program and/or any data necessary to fulfil the requests specified by you and all the data we see may be necessary.

General Information: This includes the information that we receive from you as statistical information for the site, such as the IP address, type of browser, device type, operating system, URL and cookies, as well as information of transactions you have made on our website such as sales operations, order history, mailing history or instant conversations on our site and product preferences, in addition to the information you have provided to us through competitions, contests, promotions, opinion polls or notes, and/or any other information we consider necessary to enhance your experience in using the site.

Second: When do we collect information from you.

Information will be collected from you if you enter and/or browse the "Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal" or request a service such as purchasing our products through the electronic buying/selling platform, our mobile application, or any of our other electronic pages, or you joined our loyalty program  or contacted us through the site.

We may also collect information through the use of third parties which have specialized technologies, and you may not have to provide us with information, but in some cases if you do not, it could mean that you are unable to use our services, for example we may not be able to complete any request you wish to do, or you may not be able to join our loyalty program.

There may be sometimes gatherings in which we will use your information, for example: if you choose to participate in one of the competitions/contests, or when registering to receive our newsletters or promotions, or when downloading our applications on the mobile phone, or when you contact us to share your comments, questions, or to provide you support. In these cases, we will collect information from you to manage and organize the competition, offer, or specified service you have chosen, and in each of these cases we will collect, use and secure the information in a manner that complies with the general principles stated in this policy.

Third: Where do we use your information.

Your information is used for the purposes of processing and fulfilling requests, and providing you with the products that you have requested. Also, because we work over a network, your information may be used by branches, showrooms, warehouses, service centers, technical support, data centers, logistics, and service providers who perform some services on our behalf such as the intermediary to complete payment procedures and transactions online, marketing companies, advertising, researches, and/or any required service to complete your order processing, such as verifying financial transactions that take place on our website, including a credit check or fraud detection.

Our use of your information is so necessary to fulfil our responsibilities to our regulatory agencies, tax officials, law enforcement or other legal responsibilities. furthermore, our use of your information is in our legitimate interest as a commercial organization, for example to operate and improve our services and to keep our customers updated on our products, and we will take care of your information in these cases at all times in an appropriate manner and respect your privacy rights.

We and our service providers use your information for functional and/or marketing purposes to improve your experience when you use our Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal, provide you with the best services, ensure that our store content is provided in the most effective way, and to provide the services you have requested or participated in. Also, taking into account the requirements of local content, we may use this information to help us and service providers to recognize other devices that you use, for example a mobile phone or tablet. Also, we and service providers may use the tracking feature across devices and other information we know about you to serve targeted advertisements on your devices, so as to show you the messages that interest you. We also use the information we collect to improve our products as well as improve your experience when you visit our site or use our mobile application, and if you do not want to accept these files, you can block them by modifying the settings of the internet browser, however if they are blocked, you may not be able to use all the features of our website.

Fourth: How to protect your information.

The information that you provide to us through our Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal is stored on secure servers to protect your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or damage. Moreover, technical, material, and organizational security standards have been established to protect it. Although it is not possible to guarantee the security of the process of collecting, transferring, and storing information by a hundred percent, we take measures to ensure that appropriate security precautions are in place to protect your information with an adequate level of legal protection or where we can be satisfied with arrangements to protect your privacy rights.

We reserve the right to disclose any personal information we have related to you if we are compelled to do so under judicial procedures or if requested by a government entity or if we decide that it is necessary or desirable to comply with the system or instructions issued by the relevant official authorities or to protect our rights and defend them, in accordance with the applicable laws. We also reserve the right to retain personal information that has been collected and to process such personal information in compliance with accounting and tax regulations and/or any laws relating to record keeping.