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Terms and Conditions of Registration and Use (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal)


The (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) is the internet website and electronic application for (Caparol Paints LLC), referred to later as the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) and (Painting / Contracting / Application Company) will be hereon referred to as Customer. This (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) enables company's customers to obtain company’s information and products, according to the terms and conditions regulating the use in addition to country’s regulations regulating these transactions. The company has the right to make any amendment to these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice to any party, so you must keep up with these terms continuously.

Nature of the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal):

We at "Caparol Paints" aim to provide our valued visitors through the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) all the products and offers we market and sell, and all that is new regarding our products and prices.

We strive to display color tones as accurately as possible, but please note that displayed color tones may be different from actual colors due to differences in display screens and lighting levels.

Intellectual property rights:

All that is included in the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) such as materials, texts, pictures, drawings, designs, forms, files, multimedia, software and more is owned by Caparol Paints LLC and the company reserves all intellectual property rights related to it including copyright and distribution, and it is not allowed to reprint or distribute these materials or amending or using them for commercial, advertising, or personal purposes, or republishing them in any way without obtaining the company’s explicit written and prior approval.

Using of the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal):

The customer may not be eligible to benefit from any of the products and offers present in the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) because the conditions and controls of the offer have not been fulfilled, or for any reason the company deems appropriate, and the company has the right to reject any request submitted to it without giving reasons especially in the following cases:

  • Rejection/non-acceptance of the electronic payment process in the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal)
  • If the delivery address or contact information are wrong or because the company is unable to reach the customer
  • Unavailability of the product or stock out
  • Expiry of validity of offer period

Mechanism and Registration Procedures:

The user of the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) is required to register by using valid, current and complete data, and the customer shall be solely responsible for errors resulting from non-compliance with that. This data includes, but is not limited to: the full name of the company, company’s email address, contact information, registration and VAT documentations, credit card information etc. Registering on the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) means full acceptance by the user of the terms and conditions of using the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) and an agreement to it and the policy of replacement and return.

We have the right to reject any of the registrations on the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) at our own discretion and without giving reasons. We also have the right to make the necessary verifications to ensure the information provided by the customer and align it with the registration requirements. Once the customer has finished registering, the validity of the registration continues for an indefinite period and remains subject to the possibility of being suspended or cancelled according to the terms and conditions.

Disclaimer and non-warranty:

The customer must always ensure that the offers, prices, terms, and conditions mentioned on the pages of the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) are still valid, as the company reserves the right to change it at any time without prior notice.

The customer acknowledges that he takes full responsibility for all the obligations arising from his use of the site, and the customer acknowledges his knowledge and approval that the company is not responsible for any technical errors or problems affecting the system - such as defective pricing and that the company has the right in cancelling or correcting the sales order request whenever this defect is discovered.


All personal data and information provided by the user will be treated with complete confidentiality, and the company will maintain the privacy of this information in accordance with the existing Caparol Paints LLC Privacy Policy.

Conditions for providing the products and prices:

The customer acknowledges and agrees to his knowledge that the company has the right to change prices or products or to cancel them, without prior notice, with the company not assuming any commitment towards the customer, and the customer also acknowledges his responsibility to verify the prices of the products before submitting their request.

The company reserves the right to set the maximum or minimum amount of products that can be purchased per customer or the amount paid for each purchase, according to the company's own discretion.

The company is keen to present its products at the best prices, but sometimes products’ prices on the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) may differ from products’ prices in the company's showrooms.

The company reserves the right to decide the mode of payment for standard and special products (special colours).

Rectifying errors:

The customer acknowledges his commitment to all the procedures that he performs through the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal), and the expenses incurred by it. The customer also acknowledges his commitment to review the bill of services or products provided, checking and verifying their authenticity, and when there is an error, he has the right to object to the company through the customer service indicated in the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) within a period not exceeding three days from the date of receiving the products.

In the event that the customer makes a mistake in entering the data or information of the sales order request they can communicate with the customer service staff to request for the correction of that data, within a period not exceeding (24) hours from the time the request was registered.

Changes and updates:

The company has the right to change these terms and conditions or replace it entirely with other new terms and conditions or replace a page or pages contained on its website / application without notifying the customer of that, and the continuity of the customer’s access to the company’s website / application or its use is considered as approval of the changes that have been made to the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal).

The company has the right to amend the entire (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal) or part of it or to stop it or suspend it temporarily or permanently without prior notice and at any time it deems appropriate. The customer also agrees that the company is not responsible to him or to any other party for any modification, suspension, or stopping of the site.

Maintaining account data:

The customer is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account and his password for registration on the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal), and he agrees to assume full responsibility for all the activities carried out in the name of his account, and he must inform the company of any unauthorized use of his account or any other party’s attempt to breach the standards for safe use on the (Caparol Paints Ecommerce Portal).

Goods delivery:

Delivery will be dependent on the size of the sales order, nature of products and geographical locations of the customer.

Please note that there may be a change in the delivery time or cost, you can check the delivery details on your cart page before checkout.

The company is keen to provide a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience for the customer, but in some cases, there may be some difficulties outside the company’s will, which causes delay in the arrival time of the order and cause fundamental impact on the delivery of ordered goods.

All product deliveries to the customer are required to be within the geographical location specified during order process.

The company does not bear any risks related to the products (including the risk of losing or damaging the products) after delivering them to the customer at the address indicated in the order.

The company relinquishes its responsibility to deliver or compensate the customer for goods that have expired or have been tinted in coloring machines, due to customer’s delay in receiving them (and the reason for the delay was not due to the company) for a period of (30) thirty days from the date of the purchase order, and in this case, the company has the right to dispose these goods on customer’s account, and refer to the customer for any damage incurred to the company due to this delay.

Applicable law and jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions in their interpretation and application are subject to the laws and regulations of United Arab Emirates, and any dispute between the two parties is referred to the competent judicial authority in Dubai Industrial City.

Return and Replacement:

Conditions for return or replacement:

The company will return / exchange products only if there is a damage to the goods resulting from manufacturing process. All return and exchange procedure shall only be initiated after thorough investigation from the company.

1. The replacement or return shall be within the time period indicated in the policy only for standard products. Products that have been colored with tinting machines are not subject to return or exchange.

2. The return or replacement of the product is required not to be used by the customer, and that the product be in its packaging in the same original condition at the time of purchase.

3. To fulfil the return or exchange order, the customer needs to maintain the purchase invoice for the concerned products.

The period for return or exchanging products:

Return or replacement within 3 days from the date of purchase. Exceptions of the return and exchange policy:

Order Cancellation:

The purchase request once initiated cannot be cancelled.

General Provisions:

1. The company is not responsible to compensate the customer if there is a delay in recovering the value of the returned products or the value difference if the products are replaced by ones that are less expensive for a reason not due to the company, for example, if the delay was due to the bank with which the customer deals.

2. The customer has no right to waive his rights to exchange and return under these terms and conditions to anyone else.

Acknowledgment and approval:

The customer acknowledges and agrees that he has read and understood the content of these Terms and Conditions without having any restrictions, conditions, or reservations.